Wing Walker Aerial Photography

About Us

Wing Walker Aerial Photography specializes in drone imaging in the Puget Sound area, including:

  • Drone photography
  • Commercial and real estate drone photography
  • Drone live action videos and town reels
  • Aerial imaging for pre thru post construction sites
  • 4K quality aerial virtual tours

Our Equipment

 Wing Walker Aerial Photography utilizes a variety of different Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) with each UAS being utilized for the specific type of project. Regardless, our UAS’ are equipped with uncompromising 4K/60fps video. Our equipment is also capable of shooting 48MP photo and 8K Hyperlapses capturing a D-Cinelike flat color profile for post-processing and editing perfection. This achieves the superior quality product that we guarantee

Our Photographers

Matt Nugent

 Our Founder and Lead Pilot, Matt Nugent, is a seasoned operator who has been flying Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) since 2018 in an official government capacity. This includes flying nearly daily in both day and night operations with specific FAA waivers to maintain compliance. In addition to residential and commercial aerial photography and videography, Matt’s missions have included search and rescue, mapping reconstruction, crime scene investigation, and security overwatch.

Matt is dedicated to safe and compliant operations in every mission he completes. His perfect safety record is a representation of his thoroughness and attention to detail in the preplanning and execution of his missions. In addition, Wing Walker Aerial Photography is an insured entity, providing peace of mind to our clients.

Why Us?

Our Wing Walker Aerial Photography pilots are FAA Part 107 licensed, which is now legally required of commercial drone operators throughout the United States. Our clients receive quality aerial footage without the legal hassle of flying near restricted areas, such as airports and hospitals, where unlicensed pilots would be fined by the FAA. Having our pilots FAA licensed is pivotal in ensuring our clients trust and confidence. When you work with Wing Walker Aerial Photography, you can be assured you are hiring a professional and reputable company who follows regulations and keeps everyone safe. We help you get the footage you need to make an impact in a very inexpensive and efficient manner.

Contact Us

For pricing, scheduling and any answers you need call or email.

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